Long player on the way, honest.

EP launch 1

Hey folks. Some of you have probably been wondering when I was going to stop basking in the global success of my current EP (*cough* ‘The Dim and Distant Past’ available now from Rapture, Truck Store, iTunes, Amazon etc *cough*) and get off my backside and record an album.

Well I’m happy to say I have now crawled out of my money-filled jacuzzi and set the plans in motion. Earlier this year I was very fortunate to meet a superb Scottish singer-songwriter by the name of Dean Owens, who has made some excellent records both as a performer and producer. Dean and I share a love of Johnny Cash and other such country luminaries, and after a surprisingly small amount of harassment he agreed to produce the album. Quite frankly I’m glad he did, as the alternative – me doing it – was pretty terrifying. You can read more about Dean at his website:


Thanks to Dean’s contacts we also now have musicians on board with high class pedigree, and a top quality studio in which to record. That studio is Castlesound near Edinburgh (www.castlesound.co.uk), a place with a big reputation that has accommodated acts like REM and Mark Knopfler in the past. I’ll be heading up there in the first week of August. Needless to say it’s a great opportunity for me to be able to work in such exalted company, and I intend to make the best record I possibly can.

I’ll keep you people updated on any developments, and once the recording’s done I’ll hopefully have some idea of a release date. In the meantime, keep an eye on the gigs page and I’ll hopefully see you before I go North of the border. Oh, and do yourself a favour by checking out some Dean Owens music.

Catch you soon.