Remembering the Man in Black

Hi people, I’m still working hard on getting the new album out to you and will hopefully be able to update you soon. Listening to this stuff over and over may seem somewhat egotistical but it’s also necessary so you guys can eventually hear it once and use it as a coaster or Christmas tree decoration…kidding! Or am I?

Aaaaaanyway, next up for me is a very cool gig where I’ll be paying tribute to the Man in Black himself – Johnny Cash. Johnny died on 13th September 2003 and I’ll be commemorating 10 years since that day on 12th September at the Jazz Café in London. The brilliant CASH band (who I’ve played with twice before and cannot recommend highly enough) are headlining, with me opening up and Chris Setzer spinning Outlaw country tunes on the decks. I may even throw in a classic Johnny tune if I can get the all-clear from the CASH guys! Tickets are selling fast but you can still get ’em from this link:

Needless to say I’m honoured to be part of London’s premier tribute to Johnny, and I hope I do him proud. I already know the CASH band will. Hope to see you there.